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What is GlobeTrotterTr@vel ?

Many adventure tourists around the World enjoy to share their travel experiences, send photos and videos, make friends and discover other destinations. Online adventure tourism is one of the most important industries on the Web. Many Web-users want to discover exotic destinations in Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America. Also, Web-users are aware of nature protection and sustainable tourism. Ecotourism is becoming more and more important for travellers' choice of destination.

Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America offer natural places that satisfy the most demanding travellers. Adventure travellers include men and women aged between 18 and 35 year. Members of GlobeTrotterTr@vel have possibilities to send photos and videos from their favorite destinations, choose their travel interests, discuss about their travels, read our blog and get information about countries and destinations (time and weather). Members also have opportunities to connect to travel agencies from our website to book travels toward exotic destinations.

GlobeTrotterTr@vel is a social networking website about travelling. It's a website for and by adventure travellers. GlobeTrotterTr@vel concentrates on adventure tourism, which includes ecotourism, natural, cultural and adventure tourisms.

What is adventure travel?

According to the U.S. based Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel may be any tourist activity that includes the following three components: a physical activity, a cultural exchange and connection with nature.


With a fantastic team and a common passion for travelling, GlobeTrotterTr@vel was created and launched in May 2011. Since then, our website has continuously been implemented and improved.

Since 2012, our team has built partnerships with travel agencies around the World. We have targeted partnerships in exotic destinations such as Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania, US states like Hawaii and California and Canadian provinces such as Alberta and British Columbia. Many friends are willing to discover dream destinations and discover extraordinary natural landscapes.

Our goal

Our goal is to bring Web-users who are passionate about adventure travelling and exotic destinations to become Members. In becoming Members, they will share their adventure travel experiences and meet friends who have either already travelled to the same destinations or who are interested in travelling to the same destinations.

Members will have the opportunity to connect to our partners' websites through our social network and purchase travels toward the exotic destinations they would like to visit, in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania, certain US states and Canadian provinces. Our website aspires to become one of the most popular and well-known among the world wide web. It will be a marketplace for those wanting to discover exotic destinations and will enable and encourage our Members to prepare and purchase their adventure travels with our partners.

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